To the waking, the shaking and the volatile

by A N I M A L I A

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When consumption is the climate, what becomes the antidote? In her debut EP, To The Waking, The Shaking, and The Volatile, Animalia (Jill Krasnicki) confronts the whole of human stature– its ego; its disconnect; its blind oppression of Earth’s oldest and wisest elements.

Raw acoustics and melodic vocals roil this 5-track record into a soundscape to haunt and revel. Lyrically driven, the songs range from personal meditations to a broader critique of human myopia. But rather than pointing fingers, the album breathes a willful reflection on our inability to think beyond ourselves.

Based in Toronto, Animalia began her venture as an artist in her hometown in Tasmania, Australia after picking up her first bass guitar at the age of 15. Following a few years of performing and collaborating locally, the Aussie songstress brought her sounds abroad, situating herself in Ireland for a year and touring throughout cities in Europe and the UK.

In January 2012, Animalia spent 2 months locked inside her Toronto West End apartment where she recorded the sessions of To The Waking, The Shaking, and The Volatile. This self-engineered debut reveals a lo-fi and raw construct while incorporating guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals– all produced by Jill Krasnicki and her relentless backdrop of cats and rats. (Benny, Luther, Polly, Mike, Killer.) The first track on the album, Unity, will appear in the upcoming Brandon Cronenberg film, Antiviral.


released April 7, 2012

Vocals, guitar, bass, drums + keys by Jill Krasnicki. Self-recorded, produced, mixed + mastered



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Track Name: Unity
I tie my hands to the openness then I go
The sky is grey slate the grass is pure gold
And if I get to the ocean if I survive
I’ll dedicate myself I’ll throw my body to the sharks

And float away

It’s getting cold now the wind comes howling in
Birds of prey come to wrap me I feel their warmth on my shoulders
Crickets singing it’s a choir of insects
Past the branches there’s darkness I feel my humanness just –

Fade Away

And when there’s nothing left
Just a bone dry field of skeletons

It’s just this organism waking up
I heard the Earth is crying now
To wake me up
Track Name: Open Up
Open up – let the sky in
Just admit you’re addicted
To believing there’s something else

Something to believe in

If I open my hands out
Will you fill them with sweetness?
I’ve been wearing this grey cloud
I’ve been falling, falling in and out

Of something to believe in

I dreamt of static
The sky was made of electric

And then we’re falling in – And then we’re falling out again

Thoughts made of muscles, my feet to the ground
Shedding off layers, my skin falling down
Give me something, give me something
I need to stand – Give me something

Give me something – I can stand for
Track Name: Cord and Thread
All I’ve ever known – take what you’ve got and run
All this to face alone – cracked broke and peeling
And this is what’s needed and – oh what a way to go

The price to understand – oh in the darkness and – oh this damp mattress
And oh the light is breaking – outside it’s raining I find myself fading
And oh – what a way to make an escape

Alive in this spider web – I’m wrapped up in cord and thread
And in my new skin – I wait at the door – for me

When all is said and done – when the shock waves failing – the patterns breaking
I need to become undone – when the sky turns pink – the stitches break
And oh – what a way to make an escape
Track Name: Birds
Buildings growing high where there once were trees
But the birds still fly higher in the breeze
They say that something’s gotta break but I think it will be –
Will be me

Peppermint tea and the smell of wet cat fur
And the sky goes grey and pink and therefore
The rain comes tumbling down and it cleans the streets so easily
And it’s hard to believe its real cause the world seems so damn –
Cruel to me

I stumble in the light to find my way
And when the night comes I’m impatient for the day
And there’s nothing else I can do but spread the word so hopelessly

And if I could break those cages, I’d smash those chains –
They’d all be free

It’s hard to believe that the answers are all there
And it’s hard to believe that we think life’s unfair
And it’s hard to believe that you’re too busy –
And you’re just too damn cool to care
And you’re wrapped up in the image of your golden self –
With your faceless dreams like there’s no one else
And you’re walking down street like you own it all
Like the sounds of machines were your chosen call
To not give a fuck about anything at all
Track Name: Everything (Nothing)
Let me fall off the Earth
‘Cause I can’t relate to anything

It’s all at once – Everything and Nothing

I breathe in crystal air
And the words that float there
The waves comes crashing in
Are both bleak and bright

It’s all at once – Everything and Nothing

It’s all painted white with soundless shuffling
And an empty sky
Can I touch the line where honest words
Fracture and become –

Just talking, talking, talking, talking
Like there’s nothing else
It’s just talking, talking, talking, talking
Like it’s in the centre of everything

And it’s all at once – Everything and nothing